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When someone tells you they will do something, but end up not doing it. Also known as "front row tickets" or "front row boys."
"Did Julie ever come through last night?"
"No, she was sellin tickets"

"You promise you're gonna come with me tomorrow?"
"Yea, for sure."
"Alright, don't be sellin me no tickets."
by Nic1708 October 11, 2007
The act of trying to pick up girls when out on the town.

Used because the act of talking to unknown females more often than not looks like you are trying to sell them raffle tickets. Also the chances of taking one of them home are about the same as winning said raffle.
Dunco:"Man, I saw you sellin tickets last night! How'd you go?"
Red:"No winners man"
by Dunco October 24, 2005
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