Someone who changes for money or fame.
Good Charalette sold out b\c they change teir music so that 13 year old girls would like them. they said on their 1st cd that they hated mtv know they are on it everyday. fuck them
by Nicholas July 13, 2003
An urban myth given by people who have nothing better to do than slag off people in the music world who have found a way of making money. Selling out usually involves a rock band being played on the radio. Even though the songs sound the same, people don't really care. if its on the radio, it sucks, even thought it has been liked before. It is used by the following people:
1) small minded teenagers who decide things aren't cool cause more than one person listens to them
2) rock mags like kerrang who decide that bands who are liked by more than one person are scum of the earth (but in nicklebacks case, they were right. That band really does suck)
I'm a dick. I heard another kid sing a Blink-182 song so they have sold out. I'm a judgemental Bastard
by SilentMark July 29, 2003
A band that writes one type of music and gets a large fan base then leaves all of those true fans behind for some dumb scene kids who dont know what music is.
cough cough stick to your guns cough cough...
by Kyle Comes Fast April 14, 2009
The term 'sellout' has been around for a few generations. Often used as a negative term used to describe somebody that conforms to a particular way of doing something such a dress, vernacular, or type of work.

Recently it has been used in the indy music scene to a large extent since the explosion of ska, punk, hardcore, and indy rock.

One earns the label of sellout by alienating their core fans that have supported the band by changing their style to be more appealing to a broader audience, often become what they were rebeling against in the very beginning. While some may call this "evolution of the artist/music" one has to remember that evolution is a gradual change and not sudden and drastic, the losing of edge, and doesn't accompany a bigger record label.

While many bands out there refuse to be labeled as sellouts, they are often putting out records and being quoted as saying "This is more true to our core sound, where we started".
"The (fictional band name) use to be hardcore, but they totally changed styles and now they play them on Mtv"
by Mike July 13, 2004
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