someone who dos stuff for money and has no beliefs morals
The casualties (they used to be cool) but sell stuff at target hot topic dead kennady but not jello biafra and any band mentioned by the others ex rancid they play at the warped tour for godds sake
by mike May 04, 2004
People who jump on the bandwagon. Who listen to a song on the radio, decide they like it, and then suddenly call themselves punk. Where were you ten years ago, when we were skating around listening to punk rock. As i recall, you told us that our music s*#ked. One who can't think for themselves.
Punk Rock is dead, you F#*king Sell Out.
by ParkingLot April 07, 2004
Used by kids who want to sound "hardcore" when a band they like gets popular. Suddenly the band sucks because they're popular, so how the fuck did they got popular in the first place if they suck.
Dude, like Good Charlotte so sold out by going to MTV.
No, they've always blown cock.
by 1234 June 19, 2003
A term used to describe individuals (usually an ethnic minority) who reject their native cultures and aggressively embrace a dominant culture so they can get delusional notions of "fitting in" or feeling superior

The term has significantly lost some of its meaning because of how Asian men and black women abusively label their respective partners as "sellouts" for dating white people
Asian Guy 1: Carla is the biggest sellout ever; she's going out with a white guy!

Asian Guy 2: Oh yeah? So she also hates her Chinese culture? Refuses to date Chinese men? Belittles Chinese people?

Asian Guy 1: Um no, she's cool about being Chinese but she goes out with white guys

Asian Guy 2: That's not being a sellout; maybe if she did all of the ff. then she would be one
by iluvemp04 February 19, 2009
Changing your style of music to earn more money.
But then again, there are also idiots label bands as sellouts when they become popular because they are good (i.e KoRn, System of a Down). Just because they become recocnized for their talent, DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE SELLOUTS!!
by Luka May 01, 2004
Someone who changes their musical style/goes to a bigger record label to make more money. People just say sellout so they can look hardcore
though. Because let's look at blink-182, they changed their style, but they've been on the same label. Did they sellout ? Who knows ? Maybe they just wanted to change their style from the old less-mature stuff.
People say Greenday sold out with their CD, "Dookie" from changing labels, but they didn't change their style.
by Whoson July 14, 2004
1. In the eyes the very newest members of any band's fanbase: any band after any album they release; that same band once they work hard and earn the respect of a large-scale audience by giving the world music various types of people can enjoy. "HOW DARE THEY BE SUCCESSFUL? THE SELFISHNESS OF IT ALL! I WANT THEM TO BE BANKRUPT AND MISERABLE AND COMPLETELY UNKNOWN, THAT WAY I CAN RECOMMEND THEM TO PEOPLE WHO TELL ME 'Nah, I'll pass.' !"

2. A nonsensical term slung about by high school students to describe bands they have no true interest in (only their t-shirts) after the band released an album said fans were not even born early enough to experience. see also: False aging/wisdom/experience in a teenaged body

3. A band that truly is only in the music industry for the money see also: Metallica/Slayer/Tool/Avenged Sevenfold

4. A fan who is truly only in a fanbase for the sheer trendiness.
STEVE: "My kid brother's really into Metallica."
GREG: "Really? That sounds rich! Hey Alex, what did you think of Death Magnetic?"
ALEX: "Oh my fucking God, don't even get me started on that bunch of sell out nerds with a clear opera fetish! Trust me man, I was at their very first show back in nineteen-eighty-whatever and take my word for it: they haven't made a good album since Ride the Lightning, which was WAY better on vinyl, by the way!"
GREG: "Um, Alex, you were born in 1996. Records are obsolete and no one even makes record players anymore."
ALEX: "What's you point, faggot?"
by Zalgo the Destroyer October 22, 2010
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