Someone who chooses to fuck you over for a stupid ass reason. (EX. girlfriend, boyfriend, work, family)
You're gonna sell out for that stupid bitch!!!!
Where is my bottle Of Crown you fucking sell out!!!
by Kristen August 06, 2003
In the music industry a sell out is someone that only makes music to make money and not cos they like making music (apart from the fact the get money from it)
50 cent is a sellout
g-unit are sellouts
by anonymous....alasdair February 17, 2006
The act of changing yourself, your intrests, or everything about you to fit the majority. This can be applied to alot of things. Such as a good friend leaving you out to dry for personnal gains, or a music group changing their own style to sell records.

To abandon what is really you just so you can be "cool" in the eyes of everyone else.
My friends (sell outs): Hey lets go dress up in pink Polos and short khaki shorts and sperries and spend all our money on crown royal and take Daddy's BMW and go hang out with all those real rich preppy kids from school so we can be awesome and just maybe get laid from a couple of town bikes

Me: Have fun
by Cooper88 June 01, 2009
someone who dos stuff for money and has no beliefs morals
The casualties (they used to be cool) but sell stuff at target hot topic dead kennady but not jello biafra and any band mentioned by the others ex rancid they play at the warped tour for godds sake
by mike May 04, 2004
People who jump on the bandwagon. Who listen to a song on the radio, decide they like it, and then suddenly call themselves punk. Where were you ten years ago, when we were skating around listening to punk rock. As i recall, you told us that our music s*#ked. One who can't think for themselves.
Punk Rock is dead, you F#*king Sell Out.
by ParkingLot April 07, 2004
Used by kids who want to sound "hardcore" when a band they like gets popular. Suddenly the band sucks because they're popular, so how the fuck did they got popular in the first place if they suck.
Dude, like Good Charlotte so sold out by going to MTV.
No, they've always blown cock.
by 1234 June 19, 2003

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