selling out is the term used when someone disregards their integrity, self respect, friendship or morals to achieve a shallow personal gain eg. money, popularity, acceptance.
unfortunately it has losts its meaning as it has been thrown aroung lightly eg. " i liked them (some band) until they sold 1 million records a damn sell outs".
One can only sellout if they had sumething to sell out to begin with. Girls aloud cannot sellout as they were intentionaly a money making outfit from their creation.
dissappointed fan: bob dylan is a sellout, he set out to right wrongs and he made great protest songs and now he does ipod ands so he can make money offa teenyboppers

by lamotta coltrane January 08, 2007
An act of betrayal by musicians who change thier course in order to make more money.

When musicians play for the money, and not the true music.
Metallica suing Napster because some teenager is downloading their precious songs

KISS, and their outrageous amount of useless crap, such as KISS condoms, coffins, tea-cups, furniture etc

KISS, Blink-182, Metallica, Limp Bizkit
by . February 28, 2005
The stupidest word ever created. Meant to describe a band that suddenly got popular. Suddenly, that band's music isn't good anymore, because they're too popular. Never to be used unless you want to sound like a moron who has no idea what you're talking about.
Oh my god, Green Day are such sell outs, and I'm a complete idiot who lives in my mom's basement.
by Liza October 04, 2003
compromising of integrity, morality, and principles. in exchange for money.
bands that no one knew about a year ago now having 12 year olds love them are now sell outs.
by fxckthis August 04, 2008
An individual or a group of individuals who compromise their integrity and their values solely to make money and for publicity than for artistic merit; 50 cent, P Diddy, Jermaine Dupri, etc
50 cent doesnt even deserve an example hes such a fucking sell out.
by stolitch October 23, 2007
If these kids were really in it for the music and not the personalities of thier cliques, they would never use the word sellout.
by Anonymous May 23, 2003
Someone who chooses to fuck you over for a stupid ass reason. (EX. girlfriend, boyfriend, work, family)
You're gonna sell out for that stupid bitch!!!!
Where is my bottle Of Crown you fucking sell out!!!
by Kristen August 06, 2003

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