1 - a certain even that sells all its tickets in a relatively quick period of time

2 - More commonly used to describe a person or music group (especially a metal or punk band) that quickly becomes popular and suddenly its original fan base turns away from them as the band has found a new niche market teenyboppers
1 - Tickets to the all blacks game sold out by noon

2 - Evanescene are now sell-outs. they now suck
by Brother Number One November 01, 2003
A band who abandons there morals and sells to corporations making music for money rather than because they enjoy it/ they want to get there point accross
look in the charts, anyone who claims to be alternative etc. genrally
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
Doing something purely for the financial gain, Selling your soul
"Did Ice Cube sell out? You say hell no!" -- Ice Cube
by AC January 31, 2004
A musical artist with more than 5 fans
____ now has fans! What a bunch of sell outs!
by anti you January 19, 2004
a musician that writes music that he himself would consider crappy and lame. this is generally done solely to make money.
Aerosmith was cool back in the day, but they really sold out with that Jaded shit.
by Penis August 08, 2003
I don't think I agree with this general definition here. When I think "sell out", I don't think of someone who blew up out of popularity. Most of the time, they have no choice over that, so its not fair to them and it makes the labeler look like a hater. Plus, what if that was their goal right from the beginning? You're basically chastising them for having hopes and dreams.

When I think of a sell out, I think of someone who vehemently spoke out against something or people who did something but later turns around and does the same thing. That is also a hypocrite.

There's nothing wrong with wanting do really well for yourselves. Like I said before some of these people had no choice and if you care for the actor, band, etc. you would be glad their talent got them where they are. I mean, we all have dreams, and we all gotta eat and fend for ourselves. If you have a talent, by all means flaunt it.

And trust me, I know how bad it feels when stupid people get a hold of your favorite band, but again that's not the band's fault and there will ALWAYS be a stupid bunch a group, period. No other way around it.

But when people actually talk about how stupid someone is, or how wrong one profession is, then later decides that they want to be in that profession or be that person's friend, that's when I have a problem. That's not attractive, at all. That's trifling, wishy washy, and fake.
Sally: What is that what Jack is wearing?

Jan: Oh, those are his new Prada loafers, don't they look nice?

Sally: That fucking sell out, he was just telling me a few months ago how he hated designer labels because the methods they used to make their products.

Sally: Wow, what a dick.
by maddywoo December 22, 2010
vanilla ice
by george August 09, 2003

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