What envious underachievers call artists, writers, actors, or musicians when they no longer conform to their expectations.
Band X changed instead of staying exactly the same. They're sell outs!
by Killing Kittens June 04, 2004
v. 1. The greatest atrocity of our generation.

2. The favorite activity of 99.9% of the modern no-talent rock/pop stars.

3. The fastest known way to become a soulless, worthless piece of shit.
"All you know about me is what I sold you, dumb fuck. I sold out long before you ever even heard my name."
by cynical asshole June 19, 2003
What kids say when they want to sound "hardcore".
That band is making money and a living now, what sellouts!
by fag May 29, 2003
A band, singer or muscian who changes their style of music to fit the trend/make more money.
Metalica are sellouts
by Rilo June 27, 2003
According to the metal community, any band that gains the tinyest amount of fame is considered selling out.

So in short, listen to what you like and don't tell anyone else what they think is good music or not.
Dumbass: Omg I hate Dragonforce cuz they sold out and now they are popular and I am dumbass who can't derive my own taste in music lolroflz.

Me: What the shit? You need other people to tell you what sell outs are? That's pretty sad. Just listen to whatever pleases your ears you dumb fuck and shut up about it.
by jokemall April 12, 2007
Apparantly any band who gets a record deal, gets a video on mtv, or has lots of fans.

Extremely over used by children who dont know what it means
rob: whatre you listening to?
john: red hot chili peppers
rob: FUCK those sellouts
john: your an idiot...
by jackmantal December 13, 2006
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