A human being who abandons their convictions to impress people and or become more popular.
Kelli got drunk just so her friends would think she was cool, what a sell-out.
by Hugh G. Wection November 13, 2004
Compromising your integrity, usually for money. Its that simple. This word is mostly used to describe bands that go mainstream.
Green Day aren't sellouts because despite their recent popularity, they never changed their sound. They were just never very good...
by Crak March 26, 2005
1. what happens when "person A" listens to an unpopular band to set themselves apart from the crowd, then that band becomes popular and all the people that "person A" hates (usually from school) enjoy that band too. because of this "person A" will get angry at their band and say they are sell outs.

2. when "person A" goes to the grocery store looking for an item and it is not in stock.
1. oh man, green day/blink 182/system of a down/the used/slipknot/mudvayne/john mayer have totally sold out because all the populoids (popular kids) have started to listen to them!

2. oh man the grocery store has sold out of apples, where will i go find some now?
by scuba steve November 14, 2004
In the words of zefrank, a sellout "doesn't have to do with actually having money, it has to do with the perception that your pursuit of popularity and potentially making money has caused you to sacrifice your core values."
zefrank1: Shit what can I do?
zefrank2: Well you could pretend nothing was happening.
zefrank1:OK I'll do that!
zefrank2: Well you just screwed that up.
zefrank1:Oh yeah. Crap.
zefrank2: It's too late now but you could have started out with a transparent agenda to become rich, then if it happened they'd call you a genius, not a sellout.
zefrank1: Dammit! Well why don't I take a poll and see what the community wants me to do?
zefrank2: That's called pandering to the audience, that's even worse than selling out.
by mibluvr13 July 05, 2006
Not just someone who sells out their music.....also can be used when friends backstab you, or ignore their own self imposed belief system of morals and ethics and do something that they never ever said they would.
'But he said wouldn't'
'Yeah well he's a fucking sellout'
by Johhny Rogers December 06, 2003
1. Corporate scheme
2. Somebody with marginal talent who becomes famous by being pimped out to every stupid facist company out there-see Hilary Duff
God, Hilary Duff is a sell out
by Christianna A. January 03, 2004
some one who changes for money
if my band became famous and then people started likeing other music so we started playing that even though we dont like that kind of music just for more money
by josh September 04, 2003
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