Post-"Black Album" Metallica.
Metallica sold out after the Black Album. Sell out fags.
by DoesntSuckJamesHetfieldsDIC August 01, 2009
A band who doesn't play for the music but play for the money.
Blink 182, Good Charlotte, and so on and so on
by Estelle June 24, 2004
someone who claims edge and then breaks it.
dude, that guy with the three x's on his wrist totally sold out with his best friend because they were having a stressful day at work and needed some ciggs.
by xxx March 28, 2004
1) A band that you don't like.

2) Any musical group that gets airplay and turns a profit from their albums.

Does not apply to prefab performers such as Britney Spears et al.
Blink 182 are such sellouts! Now Rage Against The Machine, they fuckin rock dude!!!!11! Let's go smoke cloves and talk about how stupid everything is.
by Emily January 18, 2004
a musician who entertains the financial fruits of their labors by expanding the market of their music, newly liberated to move out of their apartment, trailer, parents house, versus pandering to the "underground" "pure" musical sensibilities of their audience, who in all likelihood NEVER will move out of their apartment, trailer, or parents house.
Johnny just cashed a huge check from -insert big label here- and suddenly we dont see him shopping here at Hot Topic much anymore!
by randy July 25, 2003
When a public event, such as a game or concert, runs out of room to put people.
Man, I counldn't get into Fenway last night because the game was a sell out.
by 21 inch wanker July 21, 2003
Someone who dumps you for another person.
by Kelly June 25, 2003

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