Reel Big Fish's anthem
(sellout) with me oh yeah,
(sellout) with me to night,
Record company's gonna give me lots of money,
And everything's gonna be all right,
by Tim July 12, 2004
1) A musician who markets an image to a general audience rather than to whatever subculture they rose from.

2) A financially conscious musician.
This band is selling our punk image to the commoners at the price of $17.50 a CD! What sell outs!
by TiberiumX June 25, 2003
A dumb punk rock mentality that basically states that if a band gets a certain large number of fans and become more popular within the world as a whole, they have gone too far, past the "popularity" line and fallen into the vanity of fame. They've become too good for the fans and aren't worth listening to anymore. However, the only way a band becomes a sell out is because they have fans in the first place. In other words, if a band "sells out," it's the fans fault.
Good Charlotte did not sell out just because they have a large fan base and are on MTV. New Found Glory, Mest, and AFI are on MTV. Did they sell out? No...
by Vicious Riot June 24, 2003
when a band or something abandons what theyre viewed as and change to a more higher paid stream where they satisfy posers and mainstream jockies and concert invaders who only know 2 or 3 songs claiming to be huge fans
Person 1: Ugh Kings of Leon are such sell outs!
Person 2: Right!, you win a Grammy and get on the radio and then continue with horrible music.

Guy: Hey have you guys heard "Tighten Up" on the radio? I Love The Black Keys, i bet they'll win that grammy.

Person 1 & 2: NOOOOOOO! Not The Black Keys!
by RealMothaFucka December 18, 2010
cool bands that get popular and lose all there loyal fans (i.e. AFI, The Misfits, Anti-flag, AFI, Green Day, Casualties, AFI, The Unseen, Did I mention AFI?, and Rancid... Geez thats a lot of bands that aren't cool anymore!)
OMG... AFI just became sellouts!
by subhumans fan May 09, 2006
Someone or people (normally a band) that forget their morals or principles to sell records. They give off their values for money. Many people say Green Day are not sell outs because they never did anything that they said they wouldn't, but they said they were punk. Punks do not go on MTV. Punks do not go on Top of the Pops. Punks do not sign up to big record lables. Green Day, like other sell outs, rocked when they had souls.

Listen to EMI by The Sex Pistols, true punk who never sold out. Green Day probably think they are better than the Sex Pistols because they played a bigger gig, but what matters is what the true punks think.
Billie Joe: So do we play this Milton Keynes gig or not?
Tre: One moment while I do something wild and zany in an attempt to be amusing.
Mike: How much is it paying?
Billie Joe: Shit loads.
Mike: Hell yeah! Let's do it!
Billie Joe: Don't forget to never stop claiming that we're not sell outs.
by Ellen T April 05, 2006
A sell out is some one who excepts a large amount of money, that they dont need because they are already rich.
by Hugh Jass July 13, 2003
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