Sell out does not mean a band is popular...It means a band that once may have been decent has changed it's style to suit the pop media and therefor makes loads of cash
new found glory...blink 182...good charlotte...and every other shitty punk band whos singers have voices like they are 5 and don't challenge themselves to sound differnet.
When a public event, such as a game or concert, runs out of room to put people.
Man, I counldn't get into Fenway last night because the game was a sell out.
by 21 inch wanker July 21, 2003
1. A band that allowed its beliefs to be compromised for the sake of making money, or as they sometimes say, "distributing their music better."

2. According to many people here, word said out of jealousy for some bands fame. However, these people wouldn't understand of course, because they live in a world where music is made primarily for fortune and fame, whereas others who use the word for the previous (and proper) definition listen to music thats created out of devotion, not to make money.

While yeah money is needed to be able to survive in the world, there are bands out there that don't play on the radio or give MTV permission to sell them (thats the catch.. MTV sells BANDS, not MUSIC), and yet these bands have HEAPS of fans.

I'm not saying selling out is WRONG, but i am saying that i disagree with the idea of selling out and i don't respect sellouts that much.

To all those people who say "Sellout" is used just cuz people are jealous of some bands' success, then all I can say is that i don't blame you for thinking that; it's a concept too complex for your simple brains to handle, so why don't you just go off and watch some MTV, eh? You'll never change.
Previously "Punk" bands like Blink 182, The Ataris, The Offspring and Sum 41 abandoned their DIY beliefs because they wanted more money. Sellouts arent confined to punk music; it infects every music genre. After all, money makes the world go round.
by Anonymous May 12, 2003

Used to describe a friend or ex-friend who makes plans then backs out of them and/or never see's his friends.

Common causes of being a sellout include being whipped, Being a dickhead or just generally being a bad friend.
Kyle is such a sellout!!


What a sellout she is. sick of her.
by Definitionking September 02, 2012
A person who is noted for telling on other people

to sell out

past tense
sold out
This guy is a sell out. It is no wonder he has difficulty forming lasting friendships.

The student is known for selling others out to the faculty officers for various things such as smoking near the academic buildings.

He sold out a cadet for taking his book bag and hiding it behind the bushes in front of the barracks.
by Mist Knacker December 04, 2010
V. What Metallica does for every concert they play
Jason Newsted: "We're definitely sell outs. We sell out every concert we play."
by MrBearJew August 29, 2010
A sellout is someone who has discarded his or her original principles, in turn for Money and Fame, most sellouts only care about themselves.
Like when Lebron James left Cleveland for Miami, he became a Sell out.
by FormerLebronFan July 09, 2010
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