v. - to tackle someone in soccer where you push against your opponent in a legal shoulder-to-shoulder manner until they fall over.
On defense, Matt is amazing; he always Selins his opponents then steals the ball.
by ItalySoccer April 16, 2010
Top Definition
a name for an exotic turkish princess
person 1 : why did that girls daddy name her "selin"
person 2 : cause shes an exotic TURKISH princess
by Waseed May 30, 2009
Sexy Beast put on this earth to make men cry and torture them with their insanely beautiful looks. They also have tendency to make girls cry with jealousy, but no one can hate her as, contrary to belief, as most people think gorgeous people are bitches, she is super sweet, nice and funny.
Selins are super rare but you know one when you see one.
by madsmay June 05, 2011
The description for a psychological and chronic state of confusion.
"That's the way I am. I suppose I'm gonna be selin for the rest of my life"
"I'm afraid that you're selin."
"I can't help being selin."
by korsakov May 15, 2008
Selin is the Turkish version of the woman name Celine from Bible.

Also in Turkish has a meaning that the precious stone brought by river.
A girl named Selin left these signed papers for the Professor Kimberly.
by Here Comes The Sun February 14, 2011
A typical teenage girl who likes to dance around in her bedroom to loud music, with cookie crumbs all over her face and her hair tied in a ponytail. Can be sexy at times, but tries too hard, and HUGE FAILS occur frequently, e.g. falling behind a door.
To be honest, your looking like a Selin, FAIL!! :D
by selinhikari August 03, 2010
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