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a self-inflicted cumshot is where a male either deliberately or unintentionally ejaculates into his own face.
1.) troy was masturbating at his computer when all of the sudden he received a self-inflicted cumshot when he nut in his eye.

2.) tucker was fucking a chick doggie style when his dick slipped out and ended up nestled between her ass cheeks right before climax; when he looked down, he nut right in his own eye.
by devouthorse November 24, 2008
23 5
When one is violently masturbating and he ejaculates so hard that the so called super flying semen lands all over the individuals face.
'' i was fappin' like crazy, man and i cummed so hard that it hit me right in the face, it was a self inflicted cumshot. Nasty shit dude. ''
by jamaicanpearl December 23, 2011
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