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Refers to someone who is beyond the normal definition of sexy... Applies to females who meet the above statement.
Damn that Glendy is so seksi!!
by B-® October 18, 2010
39 34
When pertaining to someone that is hot or sexy...
That girl is seksi
by ArchAngel April 28, 2003
645 286
a l337/geek spelling of "sexy" ... usually used to describe a cool piece of technology (not ass).
Damn Pizza, PHP5 is freekin seksi.
by Apakuni July 10, 2004
254 103
A sexy person that is so sexy that HE (she) can be considered seksi. This is the correct definition, and I am reffering to a guy!
Nate is so seksi, and very very hot.
by anonymous February 12, 2005
190 108
a member of the oposite sex that is quite attractive. :-)

Yo, that bi-hach is seksi!!!

by Lynda-holla March 28, 2003
157 85
1. See "sexy" in a real dictionary.
2. "Sexy" for idiots that can't spell, or think that corrupting the English language makes them "mod" or "hip" or "alternative" or "crunk" or "swell" or "bitchin" or whatever the hell the kids are saying these days. This concept is also evidenced by the gradual substitution of "z" for "s" in plural noun forms.
"Words" like seksi corrupt the English language and make our children dumber by the generation because people are forgetting how to write properly.
by Curmudgeon September 09, 2005
131 110
Finnish word for sex
Tuo tyttö on niin pirun seksi(käs)
by Huuevö May 25, 2007
45 32