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An earth shattering fart that can be heard, felt, smelt from great distances by many thousands of fleeing people.

A fart that has the power to kill!

An earthshaking fart of seismic proportions that can be measured on a seismic scale of severity.
Angelika ripped off a seismic fart that could of wiped out half of China!

While praying at mosque The Prophet Muhammad ripped of a seismic fart, killing everyone at the dome of the rock.
by The Moody Poet September 08, 2006
An earth shattering fart so disgustingly raunchy and ratchet that one must feel bad for the chair and/or wall that once stood, before the catastrophe occurred. In some cases the 'Seismic fart' can destroy an entire study session, leaving behind trace amounts of fallout that can last for days.
Devin: Hey Luke, what was the atomic weight for Germanium?
Luke: Oh yeah it was --
*Seismic fart rips through the air*
Luke: Never mind that, we need to search for survivors now!
Devin: agreed!
by lucky spice February 06, 2013

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