The only show in the history of man where you have to watch it to get the funniness of the jokes.
Kramer: Hey you want a Junior Mint?
Jerry: No I'm good.
Kramer: C'mon they're chocolatey and refreshing. They're delicious!
Jerry: No!
Kramer: (hands one to Jerry and it falls into guy getting operated on).

That joke might not have seemed funny here, but if you watch it you'll laugh your fucking ass off. It's the perfect example of a Seinfeld joke.
by Tikibarberfan March 18, 2010
When someone wants to meet with you but has no apparent reason or objectives for the meeting. In other words the meeting is about nothing -- a nod to the TV show Jerry and George were developing for NBC - "a show about nothing"
So this client calls me and says they want to meet so I drop everything to go and we get together at the Royalton and she totally Seinfelded me.
by jimmyurbanD January 26, 2010
Blaming sex noises on the tv show Seinfeld.
Did you have sex with that girl?" "No dude,we were watching Seinfeld!! What were those strange laughing noises in your room man? " Nothin man we were just watching Seinfeld!!
by Yours trually January 11, 2011
a hilarious comedy TV show about "nothing". It ran from 1990 to 1998. The main star was comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who is good at his profession. However Michael Richards, who starred as across-the-hall neighbor Cosmo Kramer was getting the lion's share of the applause and laughs until the show producers de-emphasized him in the 1996 - 1997 season, when the show's quality dropped and it just wasn't funny anymore. The series finale was sadistic and unfunny. Still, the first six seasons were great. TV hasn't been as much fun since that time.
Seinfeld comes on twice an evening on the local CW channel on week nights. Usually it's a major hoot.
by Buckeye Starrider May 05, 2007
In the context of playing bass guitar, "seinfeld" refers to plucking the strings extremely hard. The resulting sound is an obnoxious percussive plucking sound, similar to the Seinfeld TV show theme song.
Wow Kevin, you don't have to seinfeld the bass solo. It's way too obnoxious that way.
by Switty June 11, 2007
The funniest sitcom ever next to the Drew Carey Show. It has incredible acting making jokes that don't seem funny on paper are hilarious when Jerry, George (My favorite), Elaine, and Kramer
Jerry Seinfeld (pretending to be dark and mysterious): I don't care for laughter I feel it is just a pointless escape from the cold world we actually live in
Girsl: So what do you do?
Jerry Seinfeld: I'm a comedian
by Spikesy May 29, 2006
Repetitive sitcom appearing in the 90's and early 2000's featuring whiny jewish humor and unrealistic, cornball slapstick. Each episode was roughly the same as the last with varying degrees of change such as character George not getting along with woman B as opposed to woman A yesterday. Highly popular among the bread and circuses crowd who also revere American Idol.
"Our new boss never wants to try any new approaches. He is very Seinfeld-like."
by snoobo August 29, 2007
The worst comedy or sitcom I ever saw in my life. They try to be funny, but they're jokes are extremely corny, and not even close to funny. Shit, even that showed "Armed and Famous" on VH1 was better, and it only lasted four episodes.
"She had man hands!" << NOT FUNNY!

"Dude did you see that show Seinfeld?"

"Yeah, that show sucks Big fat hairy vagina balls!"
by TheAllegience March 11, 2007
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