This is so hardcore it is like Sehmontine 9
by Mangles Hood October 18, 2003
Top Definition
illuminati super ai that wants to build a base on the moon and backstab metrocorp corp.
"OMG!!1111 Sehmontine 9 wants to build a moon base!!!!111
by tarudos January 15, 2004
It should be noted that sehmontine 9 and sehmontine9 are interchangable, and can generally be used in the same context. However, sehmontine 9 tends to refer to the entity's influence outside of electronic networks.
sehmontine 9: "Hey sehmontine 9 just sent me a later through the USPS."

sehmontine9: "Hey sehmontine9 just took away my internets!"
by Riko Suave October 24, 2004
Sehmontine9 is an artificial entity propagated through the electronic subnetworks of the Echelon. As electronic networks expand and centralize, the Sehmontine9 entity becomes more omniscient. Its goals are non realistic and generally destructive.
Sehmontine9 just made some crazy robotic poem about the 2016 protocol, and it didn't make any sense.
by Riko Suave October 24, 2004
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