segments of tape worm found in feces.
Dude, I think I dropped another seg.
by Matt Parker (parkman47) November 13, 2002
Top Definition
when sexual intercourse is terrible and/or laughable. For example, sex in which one or both persons involved wears socks, queafs, is a one minute man, or listens to Jerry Vale.
"Dammit girl I thought we'd get knock da boots fo real but we just had segz."
by Marjorie Flores from Ishcombobbido February 27, 2008
Sometimes referred to as "Segary" known in the Sydney region as the "Weight Losing Machine" Although inspired by everyone that he knows. hmmmmmmmmmm lates.
"God damn girl! you just pulled off a Segz! you look amazing!
by Lates al ha Lates April 04, 2013
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