2 couples banging on a bed doggy style while facing each other, alternating thrusts so all 4 are moving back and forth like a seesaw
yo can you believe Matt and David gave those sluts the seesaw in pcb. how fuckin bromantic!
by the helicockter March 06, 2011
type of rotation while smoking a blunt when not in a circle, but a U shape. the two outside people are far apart and instead of getting up off the couch to pass it, just pass back and forth. the two outside people hit it twice and two inside people hit it once. everyone gets the same amount of hits and don't have to get up.
We'll just seesaw so you don't have to get up every time to pass the blunt.
by BriZLee January 11, 2013
The homosexual version of the 69. When one male lays on top of another male head to toe and they both give each other oral sex at the same time.
Dude did you see Drew and Stephan seesawing each other last night???
by Starrfoxgay May 27, 2011
During a threesome with two women and one man one woman sits on the man's face and the other sits on his penis faceing each other they begin to pleasure themselves thus creating a sexual position where all three participants become satified
janet and christie had a great time playing seesaw last night but ricks neck was stiff
by ironsoul80 October 28, 2011
Slang term for black people.
"Whoa, dude! Look at all those see-saws standing over there!"
by Megan Langley November 12, 2008
is when your Jacking off and you stick your thumb in your ass altenrating hand movements...for instance one stroke up and thumb in ass on stroke down thumb out of ass, repeat until desired restults are achieved.
we were all working and Jonny was just see sawing all day
hey thats sick your see sawing in public
by Killabeats February 01, 2007
(n) A desk in a classroom that wobbles because its legs are uneven or broken.
"Oh dang, you got a seesaw. Now it'll be hard to take notes."
by tsamneb March 18, 2010

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