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When a woman is seduced by a douchebag
The young girl planned on going home that night but she was sedouched by a frat boy.
by giggles26 July 07, 2012
Act of seducing a young lady by a man considered to be a douche bag. The sedouching is accomplished by means of frosted tips, wearing sunglasses at night or flashing a key ring from a German made car, etc.
Check out that Koger, he's totally trying to sedouche Stephanie.
by jopak99 July 28, 2008
When a sleazy guy seduces a girl.
When a douchebag hits on a chick sleazily.
How was the club last night?
Terrible! The club was full of sleazy guys trying to sedouche our group of girls, they were gross.
by DMoods July 23, 2008
Sedouche (er) (ed) (ing): When at a party or any social situation and a major douche bag will not stop hitting on you or making sexual advances.
I was sedouched hardcore last night.

He is a master of sedouching.

Oh, Scott? He's a big sedoucher.
by TwoFourSixOhOne February 19, 2011