When you have to shit so much that you cannot physically shit all of it in one sitting, and need to take a break while the rest of the shit queues up in your intestines. The waiting period can be any amount of time between 20 minutes and a couple of hours, and usually the shit can be completed in two sections, though it may take three or more with epic shits.
"Just a sec guys, I gotta shit"
"Dammit Chris, what the hell is wrong with you? You just went to shit like 20 minutes ago!"
"Sorry boys, after all that shitty beer and T-bell last night I gotta take a sectional"
by Pineapple Hider September 09, 2009
Top Definition
When 2 band kids get together in bed. Usually referred to when a "trombone" is inserted into a "French horn"
Wil and Paige had 2 rounds of sectionals in bed last night
by Cheesehead425 May 19, 2014
A practice session of one instrument in particular. If you add "bi-" in front of the word, it immediately becomes ambiguous, hot, and often times, hi-larious!
"Hey Matt, do you have hot bi-sectionals today?"
by $$$ February 21, 2004

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