Secrets are those words that can destroy all happiness. It is something that can never be repeated. No matter how much you trust that person, once they find out one of your secrets, be prepared to be back-stabbed.
She should never had told Linda her secrets...
by Crystals October 20, 2012
None of your damn business unless told otherwise.
Bob: He dude wanna trade secrets?
John: No.
Bob: Why?
John: Because they're none of your damn business.
by Yeah-its-a-word November 01, 2011
1. A thing that is meant to be told to everyone.
2. Common knowledge.
Jessica-OMG you guys. I just heard the best secret, promise not to tell, and not tell anyone I told you because I wasn't supposed to tell?
Everyone- Yeah!
*One day later*
Jessica- OMG you guys, like, everyone knows!
OH yeah, wanna know another secret?
by Jessica (; June 14, 2011
Something you tell everybody to tell nobody
" It's a secret..." " Tell me!" " Okay, but don't tell anybody." ( Tee Hee )
by LovethisAJ February 10, 2015
The word secrets means “I don't care” when said using a tone that shows a lack of regard for the matter at large.

It’s usage originates from conversations between fog.hat and Faux Pause in which the later would enquire into the finer elements of the formers mixes, or musical montages, if you will. After fog.hat said he likes to "keep his secrets" in response to Faux Pause's requests for a tracklisting, the phrase "keep your secrets" became a common reply. As a result of heavy usage in the everyday language this phrase became shortened to just the word "secrets".
A: So what are you giving me for Christmas?
B: I'm not telling.
A: Secrets...
by Ivelo Pysus January 09, 2005
when someone of the opposite sex wants to whisper to your ear something personal. But they secretly attack you, licking your ear and tickling your ear drum with their tongue

Depending on the state of the two people. This maybe found arousing.
Girl: Can I tell you a secret?
Boy: Yes
Girl: licks the inner of the boys ear
Boy: aww you got me
by NoPouties July 25, 2010
A conversation about a guy between two friends
Is not a secret but privacy!
by thewiseblonde May 16, 2010

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