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The word secrets means “I don't care” when said using a tone that shows a lack of regard for the matter at large.

It’s usage originates from conversations between fog.hat and Faux Pause in which the later would enquire into the finer elements of the formers mixes, or musical montages, if you will. After fog.hat said he likes to "keep his secrets" in response to Faux Pause's requests for a tracklisting, the phrase "keep your secrets" became a common reply. As a result of heavy usage in the everyday language this phrase became shortened to just the word "secrets".
A: So what are you giving me for Christmas?
B: I'm not telling.
A: Secrets...
by Ivelo Pysus January 09, 2005
6 9
Can't tellya
by TanooKirby August 06, 2003
1098 113
information u tell someone when u want it to become public knowledge by morning
by hmmm August 16, 2003
497 116
strong enough for a man. made for a woman.
chris brandt wears secret.
by angiepants December 13, 2004
250 91
Something you're not supposed to tell anyone, but somehow gets out regardless of who told who.
I thought that your crush on JT was supposed to be a secret.

Keep it secret. Keep it safe.
by JenThe80'sFan May 12, 2004
180 41
I know what you did and Im gonna get you.
Yes, I do.
by Urban Dick-tionary November 17, 2003
150 62
the best way to destroy a freindship
Oh, so dating my ex boyfriend is a secret?
by dodgermesta May 24, 2004
94 44
an elementally flawed concept
No secret is really secret.
by Racket Smasher July 27, 2007
59 20