group of females that maintain the Secret Ninja notebook. They are all very alluring, sexy girls-who are always together, and always, laughing.
"I want to be in the s.n. society! they are SO cool..."
by Allie January 18, 2004
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Top Definition
The acronym for SNS. there have been blogs and chat forums about weather they really exist or not. There websites say that there Ninjutsu is far to advanced than a normal ninjutsu dojo.I've bought there stuff and listend to there audio. What they were teaching were not advanced ninjutsu or banned ninja secrets as they have said in there website, it turns out it was only normal martial consepts which you would learn in an ordinary ninjutsu dojo. The stuff in the list that they said were baned weren't banned techniques.
Its up to you to believe weather the secret ninja society exists. but in my point of view the last ninja is Toshitsugu Takamatsu the grandmaster of Ninjutsu and the teacher of Masake Hatsume. He is the bloodline of the ninja in Segoku Era
by shimaru May 10, 2012

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