a metal one hitter that is painted to look like a cigarette.
"dude, there's nowhere to cheef around here"

"it's cool man, i got the secret agent. you can toke it up walkin down the street!"
by goddamnhippy June 06, 2005
Using only one headphone on one's ear while listening to music, resembling a secret agent's way of communicating.
Hey I wanna listen to some tunes but I also wanna hear you talk so im just going to do the secret agent.
by Lord 13yr0n March 26, 2008
What you wanna be when you grow up, admit it.

(Worst movie ever)
by Didda Tinkle May 24, 2004
When a man is having sex with a fat or ugly chick, after he cums, he pulls the rubber off, stuffs it over her head and yells at her very sternly, "if you tell anyone about this, I'll fucking kill you".
After Peter was done fucking that fat hog, he totally gave her the secret agent and she ran out of his room crying like a stuck pig.
by ForestTex February 20, 2007

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