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When someone experiences sexual intercourse indirectly.
Those people in the next room are fucking and I can hear them. I'm a victim of second-hand sex
by maddox February 16, 2005
When you are on the receiving end of hearing or watching sex happen in real life.
Man, those two people are fucking in the next room and I can hear them. I'm a victim of second-hand sex.
by maddox February 16, 2005
When you have had so much exposure to another persons sex life/sexual activities, that you know things about them and/or their partner(s) that only someone who has had sex with that individual or their partner(s) should know.
"heard you had second-hand sex with your roomates girlfriend"
"yeah man, bunk beds suck."
by jobrivans September 25, 2007
When two people are fucking either by a window or in a public location and the sex fluids manage to make their way onto an innocent by stander.
I was walking by and open window when jizz fell into my eye. I have become a victim of second hand sex.
by The Stapler September 13, 2008
A Street Punk/Ska band from Cincinnati, Ohio/Northern Kentucky. They typically have a very aggressive audience and a very angry style. They definitely fit the description of Punk Rock. Their faced paced guitar riffs, ska upstrokes, complex bass lines, and very fast drumming make them a truly unique addition to the punk scene.
Second Hand Sex
Jesus Died Crucified, The Military Doesn't Belive In Saftey Triggers, You're So Fake, California, Our Generation.
by ScreechingWeaselKicksAshTrays December 16, 2008
A street punk/ ska punk band based out of Cincinnati Ohio. Their sound is something like that of the Crack Rock Steady Seven groups. Corey on guitar, Nick on bass, and Jesse on drums.
Second Hand Sex is playing with Subhumans and Millions Of Dead Cops at the Mad Hatter!
by thenihilisticmisfit March 15, 2011
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