A city in what is obviously "God's favourite" country and Allah's third least favourite (behind Texas and Andorra) where a large number of rather smug individuals seem to live who designate it the world's greatest city despite probably not having visited all the rest of the human cities in the world (or any ant cities or the single sheep populated city in New Zealand). Fucking douche-bags.
John: Oh yeah Seattle's the best!
Sean the sheep: Well have you even visited New Zimbaaabwe?
by The Cockney Reaper January 15, 2011
as a name it would mean:
athletic, smart, short, this guy would always know what he wants. all the girls would like him, but he would never really date, just mess around until he found that girl.
he is almost perfect, and a good friend.
seattles always have great hair

i fell for a seattle
by hrhCofVegas March 11, 2009
Seattle is an amazing city. But for people who have never actualy been... were not crazy... Some how all the T.V. directors on "The X Factor", "American Idol", "America's Got Talent" and other shows got to gether and said "Hey lets make Seattle look crazy" So our citizens dont actualy all look like crazy prostitutes...
"Hey have you ever been to Seattle? I heard there coffee is great!"
by lovefrome October 26, 2011
Seattle - A Wild Wild West town. Where on any random night you can watch the douchebags stumbling out of the saloon (night club) - getting on their horse (crotch rocket) and toting their gun around like an idiot while accidently shooting their girlfriend in the face in a drunken accident. Any given night in Belltown.

Seattle - a town that wants to be a mix of Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles so bad it's willing to piss all over it's legacy and uniqueness to cater to the screwballs who move here while raising rent, tearing down your apartment and all your favorite nightclubs and bars and culture and making room for the yuppies who are convinced that paying half a million dollars for a 300ft condo is a "deal" compared to where they were from.

A town that stops dead by 8pm Sunday - Thursday Night - One of America's most tech savvy regions but addicted to 9-5 culture with everyone in the city up at the same time and on the same roads driving their SUVs to Microsoft every morning, clogging up the roads with nobody working remote and we're still trying to figure out why we have the worst traffic in America.

Homeless people fiending for crack and innocent people who will take a screwdriver through the throat if they don't hand over their change. A state with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and home of the richest man in the world.

Don't come to Seattle talking about unique culture and diversity. We gave that up a long time ago when we handed over our best neighborhoods to the douchebags and the crackheads. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, grunge, "jet city", the Sonics, clean air, underground culture....that's been drifting away for 15 years.

But when you're tired hip hop, shooting crack, high gas prices, douchebags, depression, unemployment and trying to fit in with the hipsters on Capitol Hill by being a poser and gelling down your hair for the coked out look and when you just cant take it anymore you can go 40 minutes east and you're in the mountains or 2 hours west and you've got your feet in the sand on the Pacific Coast with the nasty sand dunes, seaweed and everything else.

Don't listen to those idiots writing about Seattle here....I'm the one telling the truth...
If you want to experience the northwest as described the way Seattle is here, you need to get down to Portland. A town that KNOWS what they are doing. A place that cares about uniqueness and could give a crap less about the rest of the west coast. The way Seattle used to be.

But when you hear people talking shit saying stuff like "this is the greatest city in the world" remember, they're lying. Don't listen to them, listen to me. I've lived here my whole life and I'm telling the truth, not them. I love this city!
Seattle - tasteless culture for a tasteless town
by seattletrash July 17, 2009
this is the worst place to live on the west coast. It has 2 seasons, rain, and construction. The professional sports teams are all shitty choke artists. There is traffic during all hours of the day and it's basically just a colder portland. except there are no titty bars. Just streets filled with smelly forgieners, pretentious democrats, crank heads, and accidents caused by extreme overuse of cell phones. it also has the highest proportion of single moms there. So there must be lots of deadbeat dads and/or women who are bitchy enough to keep a man away from his own child.
Seattle is Portland's retarded sister.
by Messyjiggler November 22, 2011
Seattle: a city in which to skedaddle. Not a city for kids. And also weird songs like: to make peace (yeah), to make peace (yeah), to make peace (ow!). Awkward.
Naked ladies in the newspaper! So Seattle!!
by Elessar (8) and Penny (10) March 07, 2011
A city in the Pacific Northwest with pleasant weather (not in winter though), a picturesque skyline, and lots of outdoor activities. A good place to visit on a vacation, but can get really boring to live in unless you enjoy the outdoors, in which case its great!

Some of its most famous "land marks" though, are not that interesting. How many times can you go to the space needle? Its just a big tower, and not even the tallest in Seattle. The Pike Place market is underwhelming as well, especially now that there's always some idiot in a car trying to honk their way through the crowds.

There are plenty of other interesting sights that one could visit. The MOHAI museum is nice, along with the wetland park nearby. Don't go to the U-District, its crappy and trendy, instead go to Fremont or Ballard, they have real character.

"Seattle is so boring and there's nothing to do"

"Thats because either you live in greater Seattle or Shoreline, which ARE boring, or you just don't get out"
by quacklesplork April 03, 2008
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