Home of the Seahawks football, Mariners baseball, and Sounders soccer teams, Seattle is a wonderful place to live and sight see. It is home to the famous Space Needle and Pike Place Market. No matter where you go in Seattle, it's going to be memorable.
George: "hey i went to seattle yesterday"
Bob: "Lucky you!"
by Gamertag19 April 23, 2011
(noun) A city of metrobores, junkies, tame protests, post-college so-called artists and software engineers.

(adj) Referring to anything for which Seattle is known. Usually used by people stuck in Kansas who wish they lived somewhere cooler.
Dude. That's so Seattle.
by rumtussle February 17, 2011
Seattle, WA is known as "the Emerald City". This may be because of the tall evergreen trees that populate the area. Bill Gates lives around this area, and the Space Needle does too. Starbucks, Windows, and other big businesses got their start here, too.
Seattle: My home since FOREVER!!!
by MagicalAwesomenessIsMagical August 15, 2012
The best city on earth. Home to the Space Needle, Puget Sound, Clouds and misconceptions about the amount of rain. New York City gets more rain than Seattle however their are ALWAYS clouds. In the winter the clouds form an impenetrable dome of darkness and sadness. Except that when it's sunny Seattle is the most beautiful place on earth.
Tourist: "I brought an Umbrella, Raincoat, Rain-boots, and Parka for my trip to Seattle"

Seattilite: "Dude, it doesn't rain much here"

Tourist: "You Lie!!!!!!!!!"
by tpenguin August 08, 2012
Birthplace of Starbucks, Home of the 2001 Mariners 116-game win season and the 2005 Super Bowl Champs Seahawks. Nickname is the Emerald City. Also has numerous parks, and the sight of "Jump City: Seattle" on G4 TV.
"Those Seattle Seahawks got robbed."

"OMG STARBUCKS!!!!" -tourists
by cecilofril August 12, 2011
Seattle is the most northern major city in the united states, about 100 miles south of the Canadian border and 170 miles north of portland oregan. It is also home to over 3.7 billion residense in the metro area. Seattle is the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix, Bruce lee, The Wailers, Nirvanna, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam which made the 'grunge' scence so popular here. Also the birthplace of rapper sir mix alot. Also the companies that were started here are; Starbucks, Tully's coffe, microsoft, nordstrom, Bungie (makers of halo), amazon.com, Uwajimaya and UPS. But most famous for The Pike Place market, The Spaceneedle, and The Moore theatre. Another touristy attraction is the underground Seattle. Seattle was ranked number 1 over new york and every other major citry in the u.s. for the most car-conjested city in the united states, and is ranked number 14 out of 360 other cities for size in square miles.

Okay now those are just facts my opinion is seattle is the most best place to live for sure. The people here are nice and friendly, and theirs no such thing as the seattle freeze someone from portland probly wrote that. If you're a tourist people will gladly point you in the right direction to where you're going also if you're new or just visiting a good place to go is a place called view point park in west seattle worth the cab or bus ride to see the city's skyline especially at night it is a must see.
Tourist: Excuse me but do you know where the first starbucks is at?
Seattleite:Yea! It's on Stewart st and Pike pl, Near the pike place market in downtown seattle
Tourist:Oh thank you, you seattleites are soo nice(:
by Scottiieee!(; January 08, 2011
Seattle is one of the most beautifully scenic places in the world. It is near mountains, water, forests, snow, and is just a short drive away from the deserts of Eastern Washington. There are lots of high-paying "information economy" jobs. Its citizens have a strong desire to protect the environment. It is supposedly one of the most well-read cities in the country. Unfortunately, that's about all you can say that's good about the place. The high paying jobs have resulted in ridiculously high prices for homes. Then there's the people and the so-called "culture". Those who've described Seattle as a "friendly" place are probably from Seattle and don't know what "friendly" means. Imagine a place where all the nerdy, socially awkward people have concentrated, and you'd have a good picture of Seattle. People don't talk to one another. People are afraid to look at one another. You can make small talk with your neighbor for YEARS, and they will never, ever invite you over for anything. If you invite them over, they'll nervously accept, or come up with a bad excuse why they can't. Those who accept will never show up. When someone in Seattle says "Let's get together and do something sometime", they really mean, "Let's never get together and do anything, EVER". Seattle is also a place overflowing with straight women who dislike men/are bitter toward men/are angry because they weren't one of the pretty girls who could get a date back in school. Consequently, the men who do well here are those who don't have a spine, don't have testicles, or are willing to give theirs to a woman without protest. In other words, if you're a normal guy who wants to meet normal women, don't move to Seattle. If you enjoy making friends, don't move to Seattle. Seattle is full of people who are uptight, reserved, and politically correct to a fault. People in Seattle think the solution to past intolerance is to quietly tolerate everything, no matter how rude/illegal it may be, EXCEPT for negative comments about someone who happens to be a member of a minority community - even if your statement is factually accurate. If you make such an utterance in the vicinity of a Seattleite, they will glare at you disparagingly and never speak to you again. In fact, Seattle is full of white people who wish they could be black. Seattle is full of "liberals" and so-called "progressives" who are so sure they're right they won't even listen to dissenting points of view. People who disagree with them are automatically regarded as "ignorant" or "haters". In other words, Seattleites are some of the most narrow-minded people you'll ever meet. They're like members of the religious right, only they don't believe in Jesus. People in Seattle believe total consensus must be reached before a course of action can be taken. As a result, few substantial decisions get made. Above all, Seattleites believe the biggest Cardinal Sin is the act of offending someone. Even if that someone is completely wrong. Add in the ten months of cold weather, dear reader, and any thought of living here should wisely leave you.
Phil said, "I feel so guilty for being a man! And I hate having friends. I think I'll move to Seattle!"
by PFabian April 03, 2008

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