(noun) A city of metrobores, junkies, tame protests, post-college so-called artists and software engineers.

(adj) Referring to anything for which Seattle is known. Usually used by people stuck in Kansas who wish they lived somewhere cooler.
Dude. That's so Seattle.
by rumtussle February 17, 2011
Portland's bitch
I went to Seattle last week, and it was so windy that my Starbucks cup lid blew off and all of the coffee blew in my face. Never going back, I'm staying in Portland.
by trueportlander December 06, 2013
Home of the Seahawks football, Mariners baseball, and Sounders soccer teams, Seattle is a wonderful place to live and sight see. It is home to the famous Space Needle and Pike Place Market. No matter where you go in Seattle, it's going to be memorable.
George: "hey i went to seattle yesterday"
Bob: "Lucky you!"
by Gamertag19 April 23, 2011
Seattle, WA is known as "the Emerald City". This may be because of the tall evergreen trees that populate the area. Bill Gates lives around this area, and the Space Needle does too. Starbucks, Windows, and other big businesses got their start here, too.
Seattle: My home since FOREVER!!!
by MagicalAwesomenessIsMagical August 15, 2012
Home of snobby yuppies and wannabe anarchists. People in Seattle take being serious VERY seriously -- practicing their frowns and blank stares all night long! Natives claim to be exceptionally green and environmental, yet somehow cannot abandon their petroleum-consuming automobiles. Seattleites love to stroke-off their superiority complex and sneer at people moving to Seattle from other states, when in reality, most of them originated from Europe. The city claims to be a precious gem of liberalism, but the NIMBYS will uproar and relentlessly blog if a homeless camp enters their sacred backyard. All-in-all, Seattle is a land of arrogant hypocrisy.

On the up side ... you will find good coffee, lots of rain and quaint restaurants here. Enjoy!!!
Q: Do you want to go up to Seattle?
A: For the amazing people?
by saveME1234 February 21, 2011
The best city on earth. Home to the Space Needle, Puget Sound, Clouds and misconceptions about the amount of rain. New York City gets more rain than Seattle however their are ALWAYS clouds. In the winter the clouds form an impenetrable dome of darkness and sadness. Except that when it's sunny Seattle is the most beautiful place on earth.
Tourist: "I brought an Umbrella, Raincoat, Rain-boots, and Parka for my trip to Seattle"

Seattilite: "Dude, it doesn't rain much here"

Tourist: "You Lie!!!!!!!!!"
by tpenguin August 08, 2012
Birthplace of Starbucks, Home of the 2001 Mariners 116-game win season and the 2005 Super Bowl Champs Seahawks. Nickname is the Emerald City. Also has numerous parks, and the sight of "Jump City: Seattle" on G4 TV.
"Those Seattle Seahawks got robbed."

"OMG STARBUCKS!!!!" -tourists
by cecilofril August 12, 2011

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