Beautiful city located in the Pacific Northwest.
Home to many amazing bands, people, venues, parks, stores, ect.

The most amazing people live here; they're crazy, they're accepting, they're weird, they're stoners, they're straightedge, they're preppy, they're scene, they're emo, they're musicians, they're Christians, they're Athesists, they're soulfull, they're assholes, they're artists, they've never touched a paint brush in their life, they're African, they're European, they're Asian, they're Pacific Islander, they're gay, they're straight, they're tansvesites, they're designers, they're photographers, they're lazy, they're coffee addicts, they're insomniacs, they sleep in until 5 PM, they're bitches, they're smart, they're stupid, they're great dancers, they have no rhythm, they're politicians, they're hippies, they're punks, they're hardcore, they're sweethearts, they're drunks, they're drug addicts, they're soccer mums, they're teachers, they're role models, heroes, they're inspiring, they're disgusting, they laugh like no other, they're partiers, they stay at home, they're old, they're young, they're dying, they're living, they're smokers, they're college kids, they're drop outs, they're drag queens, and they all fit together perfectly.

If you ever happen to visit this freakishly amazing city, be sure to visit Seattle Center, the Junction, El Corazon, Showbox, REI, Pike Place Market, Pacific Place, Chinatown, Capitol Hill, Alki Beach, Seattle Art Museum, and the Piers. Basically, go everywhere you can, you won't be dissapointed.
Look at that bird, she's got blue hair. So Seattle.
by Parker.:) May 26, 2007
Seattle is one of the best cities in the world. I just moved to London and i learned to appreciate it.
1. Most literate city in the country.
2. Politest city in the world.
3. Has the best landscape.
4. Most diverse.
5. Most honest bums (the fishing for beer)
6. Grundge music.
7. Music scene.
8. Not too bad.
9. Even thought it rains it has the great weather.
10. Good vintage shopping.
11. Flying fish (pike place market)
12. Companies that expand everywhere
13. Good Salmon
14. One of the largest ports
15. Boeing company (if it werent for this we would be stuck with shit airbus airplanes)
16. Its just the best!!
British: I love mircosoft.
Me: That started in seattle.
British: Isnt starbucks from there too.
Me: Yup! So Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Sir Mix Alot, and Bill Gates. Good Bands. Boeing company. And the nicest people.
British: So what is Nike from there?
Me: No but thats Portland which is right under us
by Seattlechick January 31, 2007
The largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Although many people who have never been to the city claim that there's nothing there but coffee, rain, and computers needs to wake up and go there. It is a beautiful, relatively safe, green city, with plenty of great choices for restaurants, very friendly and polite people, different kinds of beaches around to go dipping in during the summer, and a very casual tone. As for the weather, it is rainy and a little cool, but not cold, in the winter. However, the summers are comfortably warm, sunny, and dry; arguably the best kind of summer you could ask for. And yes, we do care about the environment, but why is that such a bad thing anyway?

The only problem is traffic, and lack of a good public transportation system, but hey, we have feet for a reason.

Bottom line is, Seattle may not be as well-known as New York City, but it's worth a visit if you don't already live here.
Dude #1: Hey, where are you going this summer?
Dude #2: Uh, I don't know, where do you recommend?
Dude #1: You should go to Seattle, it's a great city.
Dude #2: But I thought it always rained there, and that everyone was just a coffee addicted computer geek...?
Dude #1: It ain't so, man, go in July, you'll love it.
Dude #2: Aight.
by Froggypants February 26, 2007
The best city on the West (best) coast. Everywhere off the w coast is crazy and I never leave it anymore unless I'm leaving the country or going to Canada. Seattle is the best of all worlds. lots of culture and diversity. Alot like San Francisco or Vancouver. Only problem is everything smells like piss there in summer there. Way, way, way too many homeless people.
Austin, TX & Halifax, NS only wish they were Seattle. You never get bored in Seattle unless your boring. Austin & Halifax bored me and all my freids within 3 days.
by Besitos Y Abrazos February 19, 2005
If A Stupid New Yorker Can Say It Than So Can I... Seattle is the greatest motherfuckin city in the world
New Yorker:NYC is the best city in the world!
Me:Seattle is better!
New Yorker:WUHHHT!?!?!
by A.R.D. April 07, 2008
One of America's finest cities. Sometimes called the Emerald City. One of America's most educated cities. One of America's most "fit" cities. It is a city with clean air, lakes, mountains, culture, architecture, high-tech jobs and yes, plenty of rain. It lies in the Pacific Northwest along Puget Sound in Western Washington state. Although Seattle is known for having plenty of rain, it doesn't get as much rain as even Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, washington DC or New York. It's just that Seattle's rain is more misty and frequent. Seattle is for coffee lovers and is home to Starbucks and Seattle's Best coffee retailers. Seattle is also home to, COSTCO, Microsoft and Bill Gates. Even though its leading employer, Boeing, packed up and went to Chicago, Boeing still manufactures its aircraft there. Here is what makes Seattle Seattle:

1. Microsoft and Bill Gates and Paul Allen
2. Boeing
4. coffee, especially Starbucks
5. rain
6. the Cascade Mountains and Mount Rainier
7. high-tech jobs
8. culture, especially its large Asian population
9. liberalism
11.Puget Sound
13.Pike Place Market
14.the Space Needle
Seattle is an awsome example of America's finest cities. Although not without its problems, it is still a great place to be. There is much more to like than dislike about this place.
by krock1dk October 26, 2007
a city of extremely laid back yet extremely high-maintenance people
a person from Seattle will be ok with any type of restaurant (McDonalds to Rodizio) but upset if the table is within 20 feet of the kitchen.
by mr wall July 10, 2008
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