The city where the greatest American ever born came from, Kurt Cobain.
Once upon a time there was a band called Nirvana which was the greatest band in the world. Then Kurt Cobain was murdered by an assassin hired by Courtney Love. That bitch will rot in hell.
by john himself June 24, 2005
1) City to which summer visitors move and end up slitting their wrists in February following 60-plus days of rain;
2) City that's still trying to get mileage off grunge music, over-roasted coffee beans, malfunctioning computer operating systems, and a dying aerospace industry;
3) City with its head so far up its own ass, it may as well rain for the next hundred years (and just might), because the hood-eyed freaks and pseudo-intellectuals wouldn't know the difference;
4) City whose Space Needle ensures that they will never be more than a West Coast, all-white Atlanta; and whose homogeneity takes all the credibility out of their so-called "tolerance."
4) City that is also called the "Emerald City" to lure ignorant tourists; in reality, is more than a little bit dark and evil - a true Scorpio city that could be the setting for a TV series based on "The Omen";
5) City motto: "Seattle: You're so close to Vancouver, why the hell are you living here?"
In September Kay moved to Seattle to work at a tuberous vegetable cooperative. By January she had pulled all her hair out, and in February threw herself off a 20-story building.

"Yes, as matter of fact I am dumb enough to live in Seattle despite the fact that British Columbia and free health care are only a ferry ride away, in Victoria. I make my living selling hemp shower curtains at Pike Place Market."

Californian #1: The traffic in Seattle was so bad, I thought I was in L.A.
Californian #2: Yeah; and if I eat any more wild salmon I'm gonna hurl!"

Seattle has two things going for it: Nordstrom and Elliott Bay Bookstore.
by Urine Off January 28, 2008
The whitest, most liberal city in America. Packed with smug hippies and wannabe hipsters, Seattle prides itself on its liberal politics to the extreme of ignoring any facts that may contradict the feelings that dictate this towns actions.

Corrupt elections are rigged and fixed for Democrats or the closest candidate to a socialist that can be found.

Seattleites think themselves tolerant (as long as you are a raving socialist), integrated (easy in an all-white city), and that the entire world thinks the same way they do.
Every Seattle idiot whines about the 2004 election fraud in Ohio but Seattle elections in King County "found" Democrat votes three times in cages and ballot boxes that had been certified empty three times!

A statue of Lenin graces Seattles Fremont neighborhood and should be burned to the ground.

The women are fat and cannot dress themselves.
The men are whiny, soft, and weak.
by Seattle Hater April 14, 2007
Like a city, but with white people.
Look, this bus, the streets, the monorail, the westlake mall, the hihp-hop clubs, are all filled with mostly white people (and a few white-skinned asians and bi-racials).
by seattle cracker June 23, 2005
Home of protest crazed liberals and fish throwing coffee drinking tech junkies. A very open and diverse place populated mostly by whites with a strong asian influence. A gay friendly city that approved a marijuana initiative. Plagued by meth use, bank robberies, high unemployment and traffic congestion.
I protested world trade, got an abortion, founded a startup, caught a fish, robbed a bank, lost my job, and shot someone on the road all in the same day!
by Evan January 04, 2005
a seattle is an erection of the penis. Im not sure if many people use this word as such. But every one i know does.
Fuck, ive got a seattle.
by JonGreen March 06, 2005
West Coast city that has a reputation for being a wonderful place to live but secretly wishes it was Portland. Seattle actually has many problems, including...
1. Some of the worst traffic in the country.
2. Out of control real estate prices.
3. Out of control crime and homelessness in the downtown core.
4. A city council that has been told by voters three times that a monorail should be built. Yet, it still hasn't been built and probably never will be.
5. Very high unemployment.
by seattleboy August 27, 2003
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