1) City to which summer visitors move and end up slitting their wrists in February following 60-plus days of rain;
2) City that's still trying to get mileage off grunge music, over-roasted coffee beans, malfunctioning computer operating systems, and a dying aerospace industry;
3) City with its head so far up its own ass, it may as well rain for the next hundred years (and just might), because the hood-eyed freaks and pseudo-intellectuals wouldn't know the difference;
4) City whose Space Needle ensures that they will never be more than a West Coast, all-white Atlanta; and whose homogeneity takes all the credibility out of their so-called "tolerance."
4) City that is also called the "Emerald City" to lure ignorant tourists; in reality, is more than a little bit dark and evil - a true Scorpio city that could be the setting for a TV series based on "The Omen";
5) City motto: "Seattle: You're so close to Vancouver, why the hell are you living here?"
In September Kay moved to Seattle to work at a tuberous vegetable cooperative. By January she had pulled all her hair out, and in February threw herself off a 20-story building.

"Yes, as matter of fact I am dumb enough to live in Seattle despite the fact that British Columbia and free health care are only a ferry ride away, in Victoria. I make my living selling hemp shower curtains at Pike Place Market."

Californian #1: The traffic in Seattle was so bad, I thought I was in L.A.
Californian #2: Yeah; and if I eat any more wild salmon I'm gonna hurl!"

Seattle has two things going for it: Nordstrom and Elliott Bay Bookstore.
by Urine Off January 28, 2008
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The Emerald City, a gem to the Pac. Northwest. Home to the Space-needle, Bank of America tower, Key West Arena, Safeco Field, and Seahawks stadium, it is truly an up-and-coming city.

It also happens to be a haven to people with -all- interests and styles of life, as shown by another definition to Seattle.

And ohh yeah, we're smart, too.
I'm so glad to live in Seattle.
by Grimm_Demize June 28, 2003
One of the most picturesque cities not only in the U.S., but the world.
Home of the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Safeco Field/Seahawk Stadium, Boeing Field, and some great views out into the mountains, especially Mt. Rainier.

See also Seatown, Emerald City, and Rainy City.
Everyone needs to visit Seattle at least once in their lives.
by City on da Sea March 17, 2005
The best city on the West Coast. Despite the rain (which makes the place nice and green), great people, great coffee (Hence Seattle AKA Latteville) and lots of things to do. Also the place of Microsoft Comps, and people who are really into high-tech activities.
That computer whiz is from Seattle area.
by Starbucky July 11, 2003
A city in Washington State.

What can I say? I live in California, and I hate it. Seattle is my place, and even though it does has it flaws, I still, and always love the Emerald City.
Seattle, A Jewel Of The Pacific Northwest.
by Jon March 14, 2005
1. The Greater Seattle Area (including the east side) is home to Bill Gates, Starbucks, the Mariners, and Bungie (the makers of Halo), and Microsoft (the sole poineers in the blue screen and the creators of the Xbox).

2. The fittest city in America

3. One of the smartest Cities in America
Seattle is the Emeral city.
by procrastin8r May 22, 2005
the best place in the entire world.. so what if it rains? it makes it so green & beautiful. the mountains are so big & majestic and everywhere you turn there's something even more pretty than what you last looked at. pike place market is so cute!
I really miss Seattle . . .
by dannimo April 03, 2005
My favorite city.

It is best known for:
"Grunge, Cappachino, and Heroin"-from the book Kurt Cobain...

and it is also known for Bill gates's existance and lots of rain!

Good things come out of seattle too...LIKE NIRVANA WAHOO!
Seattle Rocks. i wish i lived in seattle. but no, i have to live in south carolina. the goddamn hick state. im moving to seattle when i get older.
by Ka August 09, 2004

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