1. Greatest Marine ever

2. Jesus Christ himself was the first seat mech, he joined the marine corps in the year 1 and retired as a Sgt Maj in the year 2... yah he was that awesome.

3. Has slept with every known hot woman in the world... leaves all the fat chicks for powerline and ordnance

4. Every seat mech has kicked Chuck Norris' ass at least once.
All the Hot chicks in the world: "WOW seat mech's are the best!"

Jesus: "I remember when i was a seat mech!"

Chuck Norris: "Holy crap if another seat mech whoops my ass im gonna just roundhouse kick myself to death"
by Seatmech March 28, 2008
Top Definition
One with superior knowledge in google, has lots of spare time, can fix anything with anything or nothing at all, beyond chuck norris, makes boredom look fun, life of the party(but not THAT guy or at least makes a good one), has unlimited power over women, and great skills in convincing women to do anything / the ultimate sex machine.
No example needed. If you can't understand, you are a moron or any other shop. Seat mech.
by trei56 April 03, 2008
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