noun or verb: The act of inserting your fist in a strangers rectum then licking your fist.
Cheney gave Bush a sean hannity.
#fisting #shit #ann coulter #republicans #evangelicals
by sergio anti-christ superstar August 27, 2008
Liberals hate this Conservative tv/radio host from Long Island, New York for his support of President Bush, the military, family values and the Constitution. He takes heat from ignorant, short-memory liberals for his belief that another attack against America will occur again (which it will, despite what the ignorant believe). Stupid liberals walk into his trap called the "Hate Hannity Hotline" and prove their hatred and that they are as transparant as crystal in that we can see through their lies, hypocracy and hatred. Liberals desperately need to be Hannitized by common sense and logical thinking, which they are totally void of.
Sean Hannity is a great American and proves that liberals are full of hatred for their country and Conservatives. He shows liberals' true colors.
#honest #conservative #talkshow host #new york #catholic
by krock1dk September 11, 2007
conservative talk show host that exposes liberals or lefty libs for the scary, weak on defense, hypocritical jackasses that they are.

liberals hate him because they cannot match him. the lefty libs make up things about him because he's effective at countering their stupid assertions.

lefty libs try to say that sean hannity cuts them off or wont put them on the air - totally untrue, he actually puts them on the radio first. They just get mad because he makes them look like idiots and doesnt let them spin things.
"lefty libs hate sean hannity because he exposes them as hypocrites"

"its fun to watch sean hannity take on some hardcore liberal because the lib ends up getting mad and walking off the set"
#hannity #limbaugh #rush #right wing #left wing #libs #liberals #lefty libs
by hit the hole pole man March 09, 2006
A right-wing talkshow host that I typically agree with. Two problems with him though: he's a sellout bizatch and he refers to his book more than preachers refer to the bible.
Sean Hannity: "If you'll turn with me to Hannity 3:16..."
by Mattheus July 18, 2005
A truly great American who offends leftists because the truth hurts.
Sean Hannity pissed off a liberal the other night, but it's ok, all the intelligent Americans know he is correct.
by DAR4652 May 15, 2005
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