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Seamus Murphy a Spanish cunt that claims he is actually Irish, but he is lying. Loves soccer, actually isn't that bad. But still to shit to play for a national country. A Seamus can be given commands, like a program but be careful because if you give to many commands at once he will tell you to get Fucked. A Seamus Murphy can be a good friend although his Spanish background will piss you off and also eventually, you may want to kill him but you wont. OR WILL YOU. A Seamus can be a nice reliable friend who's greatest enemy is Naruto and people that say soccer is shit. A Seamus is cool fun but also a dick .
He is really shit at physics and thinks he can do french but he is really shit. Tells everyone that he is good at math but that is bull shit. If you come across a Seamus Murphy in the wild BEWARE they are bullshit artists and can be a pain in the ass unless trained well.
Remember a Seamus Murphy is...
- A good Friend
- Really shit at Physics, Math Physics and any form of engineering.
- Can sometimes be a really annoying dick.
- Is Spanish but tells people he is Irish. (Remember Spanish people are some time big dicks and steal shit)

A Seamus Murphy is a big Spanish Cunt.
by BYRNZZzY June 26, 2014
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