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Seem-ride(r): a name used to refer to both boys and girls who tend to wear form-fitting clothing. The term describes how one's clothing seams do not fail to touch every inch of their body, thus allowing the joke that one is riding their seam.
NATE: "I don't think I should go into that bar."

ANDY: "And why not? Intimidated by all the sexy girls in there?"

NATE: "No. What's intimidating me are all the seamriders. They're probably all in there wearing cowboy hats and drinking the whole place dry."
by Benny Austin June 27, 2010
A womans pants so tight that its beyond camel toe or moose knuckle, she's a seamrider!
check out the toe on that camel! her pants are so tight that seamrider gonna be soar by the end of the day!
by legend M October 28, 2009
A seam rider is one who engages in bouts of anal sex. Alternatively this could refer to a person of the gay persuasion.
"Dave I can't believe that you did that, you're such a seam rider"
by Gregga February 11, 2005