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Total pussies, the disgrace of the kingdom. see kingdom of loathing
Nevinryal: "Hey, should we let that Seal Clubber into our clan?"

UrAssOnCrack: "FUXoR N0!! S34L CLubber5 5uX0R @5S "
by Avalon_the_Infected March 30, 2005
8 11
One of six character classes from the online role playing game Kingdom of Loathing. Seal Clubbers depend on muscle to adventure through the game.
Player one: I am a seal clubber since my second ascension.

Player two: Really? were you an accordion theif before that?
by Vito60 August 05, 2006
18 9
Beater of seals. Maker of the (seal)club sandwich
"dude! Anna is a seal clubber! D="
"I know, bloody Norwegians"
by hairyotterboy December 27, 2006
18 23