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Beater of seals. Maker of the (seal)club sandwich
"dude! Anna is a seal clubber! D="
"I know, bloody Norwegians"
by hairyotterboy December 27, 2006
18 23
One of six character classes from the online role playing game Kingdom of Loathing. Seal Clubbers depend on muscle to adventure through the game.
Player one: I am a seal clubber since my second ascension.

Player two: Really? were you an accordion theif before that?
by Vito60 August 05, 2006
18 9
Total pussies, the disgrace of the kingdom. see kingdom of loathing
Nevinryal: "Hey, should we let that Seal Clubber into our clan?"

UrAssOnCrack: "FUXoR N0!! S34L CLubber5 5uX0R @5S "
by Avalon_the_Infected March 30, 2005
8 11