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To steal someones phone whith out them knowing and hack into their facebook page and write an embarrassing profile status.
Did you see Johnnys facebook today? His status said "I just shit my pants in my new car and now the seats are ruined"... hahaha!! He totally got Seahawked by Kara!
by angiesdancin July 18, 2011
To be Cheated. Generally used in relation to a sports game.
The Colts got seahawked in the championship game.

Origin: When the Seattle Seahawks were cheated by the referee's in Super Bowl 40 in 2006.

by Spartacus7 January 22, 2007
When the grossly over-favored team or player in a match becomes the recipient(s) of a historical butt-whoopin that will echo through history.
"Damn, Skeeter Peyton is White Girl Wasted!"

"Yeah, he just not used to Gettin Seahawked!"
by rskohawk February 04, 2014
when you leave your phone un attended and someone takes it and writes a rediculous post on your facebook wall without you knowing.
hahaha!! Did you see Bubs' facebook post last night?
It says "If I slept with you within the last month, please contact me- its important.."

He totally got seahawked!
by GALVINATOR May 30, 2011
When a sports team should win a game, but finds some ridiculous way to choke, either sending the game into OT, or losing it completely. Can also refer to non-sports activities.

Origin: The always choking Seattle Seahawks.
"Oregon kind of seahawked this one, they should have won"

"I seahawked my driving test when I ran the stop sign at the end."
by Joe$ February 10, 2005