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Game kids in britain play

They jerk off into their hand and run up to a friend or teacher throw it into their facial area and yell out SEAGULLIN
From Russel Brand
Jerry: Oi lets go seagullin

Charlie: Ok

They jerk off into their hands

They run down the hall
Slap it into James and Ralphs face

by blackchicken July 24, 2009
31 4
The act of takin ones own semen and lauching it into another persons face.
Thomas: Hey, i think we should go Sea Gullin'.

Adam: I wish I could but I just wasted my load onto your sisters face.

Thomas: What!!!
by RussellBrand_ComedyWatcher June 23, 2009
18 6
In British schools, pre-adolence boys masturbate and then ejaculate into their cupped hand and go up to a school friend or teacher and say, "Sea gulling," as they motion their hand to hit their face with the seamen.
Teacher, "When will the sea gullin' stop?! It's been the fifth load today!"
by xiuq October 09, 2010
8 3