A derogatory term for a lurker who briefly acts like a troll, then quickly goes back to lurking. Someone who posts an inflammatory discussion on a BBS system, then doesn't acknowledge any responses.
That bitch is such a seagull, she totally lied about Justin Timberlake online, and then she wouldn't acknowledge it after we proved she was wrong.
by Calvin Lawson April 20, 2008
People, especally children, who come into resturants and are loud, annoying, and leave shit all over the place. This more fits children the the single digit age because they're usually in swarms and have little to no grace while eatting food.
"I can't believe how much trash i have to clean up from this table, it's all the seagulls fault."
by hailsatan February 12, 2006
a bird found near water
"A SEAGULL! there must be water nearby, we're saved!"
"thats an emu, idiot"

NB dehydration-related delerium has evidently caused lack of knowledge about drinking salt-water
by alex blows donkeys September 16, 2003
When a person or persons masturbates at the window of car in which a sex act is taking place. Normally at a dogging site.

Said person will then spuff on the window, after which he will return home to his wife and children.
Seaguller: "Erm, excuse me, you there. Are you Dogging?

Doggers: "Yes!"

Seaguller: "mind if i seagull?"

Dogger: "Not at all, spuff away"
by Nigel bovington smithe May 25, 2010
Nature's version of welfare recipients.
Seagulls and welfare recipients are a lot alike...they both sit around waiting for handouts, spawn uncontrollably, and make a lot of noise that irritates the shit out of everything around them.
by JustAnotherGuy October 26, 2012
A New Zealand male with predominantly brown hair, with a small yellow tuft of hair on his crown.
Mark is known as Seagull
by Sh-anal June 09, 2010
A critical manager or supervisor who makes brief appearances to put on a meaningless but unpleasant display for employees to try to show they're doing their job. They swoop in, make a lot of noise, shit on everything, then fly away.
She came in and did her seagull thing yesterday. At least we won't see her again for another week or so...
by jcb1218* November 28, 2013

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