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Originates from Steven Seagal. When you seagal someone you bust them up or kill them in the vain of Steven Seagal.
I'm going to seriously seagal that guy.
by Dan October 15, 2004
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To jab someone in the throat with an upward palm, fingers together similar to the way Steven Seagal hits people. This is accented by saying "Seagal" as you do it.
I was walking through the bar "Seagaling" random strangers.

I snuck up on Dino and jabbed him in the throat, yelling "Seagal" as I did it.

That fucker Seagal'd me for no reason when I was leaving the Sox game.
by VincenzoL April 02, 2013
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A person who is extremely lucky and don't even understand he's luck and don't deserve it
"omg i killed 6 men with usp by headshots, lol how fun!"
by m3m0r January 10, 2004
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