another word for penis.
Josh has a big sea monster and sadly Matt doesn't.
by chris doberstein July 22, 2008
A singular or group party of ugly dyke bitches. Which at first glance, you believe they came out from under a rock from the bottom depths of the ocean.
I transferred into a new oceanography class, and I immediately regret my decision, because all the bitches are a bunch of sea monsters.
by jHOWz January 08, 2006
boy (or claims to be boy) with large features i.e. pussy lips, bubbly nose, but squinty asian eyes
can often be spotted in red bank wearing tight pants and bearing side bangs and a bandanna around his eye

if spotted should not be approached: known to express major bitchiness and mood swings also known to seduce girls and fuck them over really badly

defensises of the sea monster: normally fitting pants, scissors and midol!
OMG GUYS we need there's that damned sea monster again, let's get out of river side and hope he didnt see us with his squinty 1/2 asian 1/2 mexican eyes!
by from expirience<3 November 06, 2007
fecal matter boyant enough to sneak up on you when you take a poo in water. Also good for throwing at persons.
That sea monster came out of no where!
by Rollom July 15, 2005
Bulls penis. A heifer poker. Also see Sea Monkey.
Look at the size of his sea monster.
by justforfunreallys October 15, 2009
After you cum in a girls mouth and she goes to swallow you punch her in the stomache making the it shoot out of her nose. voila! a sea monster
i totally gave your mom a sea monster the other day
by 50187 July 26, 2006

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