A code word for ejaculated siemen, used for young people
Ur sea-monkeys are stuck in my butt crack!!

Ur sea-monkeys are inside me!!

Thats allot of sea-monkeys
by Butters J November 26, 2009
Top Definition
little brine shrimp that come with a variety of different tanks.

basically the coolest thing ever.

they can live for a long time, and they get their groove on and have baby sea monkeys.
my sea monkeys are so much cooler than yours.

my sea monkeys are mating!

you ass, you dumped my sea monkeys down the drain!!
by tabbo January 05, 2006
One of the two sucessors (the other is Firefox) of the defunct Mozilla Application Suite.
Seamonkey is very similar to Mozilla.
by Tasty Butter November 24, 2007
A code word for the unpopular person that tries to fit in with the cool kids. Cool kids try and avoid this person at all costs.
When we heard "the seamonkey has my money" we all scattered to avoid having a face to face encounter with him.
by vengstro June 27, 2006
An individual who stems from distant Greek and Afrikaner ancestry, but who is neither and thus loses a sense of personal sameness and historical continuity. The person often uses one ancestry as reverence to imply that they do belong to one ancestry, usually while trying to impress people for sexual/friendship gain, but fails miserably as they clearly do not fit in with either.
Stop imlpying that you are Greek Mark, you are nothing more than an Seamonkey.
by Preachers August 24, 2010
Usually found in products containing alcohol and chemical agents. Seamonkeys are small particles that form at the bottom of the bottle. If you shake the bottle you can see the seamonkey swirl.
John's beer was so old it had seamonkeys in it.
by phrek December 22, 2005
a toilet full of little turds, some floating some submerged, some Picassoed to the toilet wall.
Everytime I go to Janice's house for dinner I love to Picasso the toliet with sea monkeys before we eat.
by masterspraypainter January 12, 2009
referred to as the turbo-charged coupe car that was first imported from germany in the early 80's.
newer version resemble to chrysler sebring, but do not confuse the two!
seamonkey owners have sent many complaints about their cars being confused with the chrysler model and request that manufactors change the body build or to stop making the seamonkeys.
chrysler took these complaints to heart and in 2005 the last sebring coupe was distributed to the public.
"damn that seamonkey is fast!"

"you wanna race my seamonkey?!"

"that is a luxurios seamonkey that you have there!"
by crazygirl21 August 28, 2008
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