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When a person is an ecstacy you use a Vick's Vaport Inhalor and blow the vapor in their eyes and nose and mouth while massaging their face.
I'm rolling balls dude gimme a sea breeze.
by mr. nice guy February 17, 2005
A sexual fetish in which a man ejaculates into the rectum of his lover. The lover then uses flatulence to project the semen back onto the man's face.
I like cheeses and sea breezes ;)
by crookster December 15, 2008
The act of inserting one's index or middle finger into their partners vaginal opening and then proceeding to place said finger into their partner's nostril. See also: salty tsunami.
I enjoy long walks on the beach and a warm seabreeze from time to time.
by Lee Issac Trawick February 04, 2007
when a man cums in a females ass and she farts in his face.
yo dude, avon totally gave me a mad seabreeze last night.
by humpman January 22, 2008
Seabreeze is slang for oral sex performed on a man while he is sitting on the toilet and defecating . A Seabreeze can be performed by a man or a woman.
My girlfriend gave me a Seabreeze this morning, because it is my Birthday.
by Almighty D August 29, 2006
on a hot day when a friend falls asleep next to a fan,jack off into the fan from behind...giving him or her a nice salty sea breeze.
are we near the ocean?
by danny January 11, 2004
qweef; the odor of a queef.
"Melissa let out a salty sea breeze qweef just as I was about to go down her. Which pretty much spoiled the atmosphere."
by bill March 28, 2005