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Filling someone's bath tub with a few inches of water and taking a dump. Alternative to an upper decker Usually reserved for someone who has pissed you off.
I was at an awful party and had a disagreement with the host. Realizing I might have been out of line I thought I would leave him a gift, so I left him a sea bass.
by nasty February 23, 2005
17 24
The best nickname anyone on the planet could ever be called.
Guy 1:Hey man, did you see that cool guy?

Guy2:Yeah, he reminds me of a Seabass.
by seabassyo March 13, 2009
1435 44
Cam Neely's character in "Dumb and Dumber". He spits in Harry's burger and then is tricked into buying Harry and Lloyd lunch. Later on March 25, 2:15 am sharp he bumps into Lloyd at a truck stop for man love.
"Kick his ass Sea Bass"
by Hrsmndpg April 06, 2006
207 59
The guy in the restarant in Dumb and Dumber
Seabass was in dumb and dumber
by Jay March 19, 2004
99 41
Nickname for someone named Sebastian.
Yo, Seabass!

My best friend is named Sebastian but we call him seabass for short.
by SebTor May 08, 2011
31 11
Hypnotic vodka + Cactus cooler

a delicious mixture of an alcoholic beverage with an old school soda favorite discovered in 2008 by a 17 year old named Sebastian who was in a garage drunk with a lot of friends.

Hey Im not as think as you drunk i am, another seabass please!
by Sebastian P. December 28, 2008
28 28
When two or more people meet a person that none in the party wish to see. One idiot acknowledges the person and the rest continue walking leaving the lone moron to speak with the person that no one wanted to see.
Man, you assholes sea bassed me when we saw Tina at the bar. I had to talk to her all night when you guys took off.
by Mac McPackerson April 21, 2011
16 20
A person who lives in a fish bag and drives to maine to pick up some boobies. They speak with thick russian/slavic/poopsack accents depending upon their current state of seabass-ness. Two currently reside in the Deeg and one lives in a cave in newengland.
EX.) Dear Sexy Seabass,
Rub some hummus on me
Love Sexy Seabass
by seabassluva November 18, 2010
10 15