Square Enix. The people that make Final Fantasy XI. A group of total mindless dumb asses that don't know anything about what asking them. Never call their number, you will be on hold for hours with super shitty music.
"I called SE today to try to get my account back after being stolen, they said I need the current credit card number. I told them there is no way I can know that, because it was stolen." "Wow, what dicks..."
by BKoe April 24, 2007
Top Definition
Social Engineering - hacker term for manipulating people
I hear that company throws away some sensitive information on paper. But if you check out their dumpster and get caught, you might have to social engineer your way out of some trouble!
by Will MacKay September 25, 2005
An all-purpose suffix added to the end of proper nouns to denote a Goatse-esque modification of said noun.

See "goatse" for further information.
"The beastiality enthusiast forever searched for photos of catse and dogse."
by RX May 04, 2004
Special Edition, that after few days of use, consumer become aware what is for real: Shit Edition. So, it is, in basic, Special Edition, but with degraded performances.
- Day 1: Man, just got my ATI 1100 SE. WOW!
- Day 2: Man, this ATI 1100 SE sux!
by _vlada_ January 10, 2008
a kid who is in special education classes, or just overall acts like a dumbass.
why is that kid walking down the hallway with tissues in his nose? he's such an SE.
by SECSBPTP May 17, 2011
Standard Edition
Java SE Run-time Environment.
by spiderman1_2009 March 09, 2011
Special edition.
Check out this Honda SE!
by Armin Van Buuren July 27, 2003
a gender-neutral pronoun
I don't know who ordered the pizza, but se's in for a surprise.
by miscellaneousname March 25, 2009

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