San Diego County
Am about to go down to SDC to visit my DAYGO peeps.
by dreamdsntsleep January 26, 2013
Top Definition
sdc can also be an acronym for "Sit Down Clown". It is similar in usage to stfu, but carries the connotation that the intended target is a silly s.o.b.
Poster A: "Nintendo doesn't make games"
Poster B: "SDC!"
by T.R.I. August 19, 2005
An acronym for "Small Dick Complex". Normally given to those that drive very large trucks, or very small sports cars.
That trucker suffers from SDC.
by Nick Koz January 01, 2006
Spelling Doesn't Count
Person 1: I was watchin that show the toher day.
Person 2: Watching* other*
Person 1: SDC
by _fox_ May 19, 2009
"Sorry disconnected" or "Sorry DC" Said when you have disconnected on any online communication programs like MSN.
ThunderThighs: Hey watsup
IronMeng is offline.
ThunderThighs: KK
by PhoeniiXXXXX November 08, 2010
"So Damn Chill"

You say it when something cool happens or when referring to a great party or talking about someone
John: Did you go to Aaron's party last weekend?
Ethan: Ya dude, thats party was SDC. There were hot girls there.
by E-Harm May 03, 2011
'stoke dance crew'. a bunch of scenesters that grouped together to invade local shows and hardcore dance, even if the band is not hardcore/they can't dance.
SDC really ruined that show tonight
by sebau October 28, 2008
Sucking Dick Constantly

Someone who sucks dick constantly, either human and animal
"Yo snitch, why you such an S.D.C, give my dick a break!"

"I heard yo was SDC for living. How do you get by sucking dick?
by Notorious SC January 21, 2010
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