Scusi! A word that means 'excuse me' in Italian when spelt right, but can also be used to gain attention of a group of insane teenagers who are misbehaving during class or otherwise not paying attention. Can also mean 'shut up'.
Teens: *singing/dancing to songs from Mama Mia!*

Teacher: Scusi! SCUSI!!

Teens: *Stop singing*
by SlashWraith March 15, 2009
Top Definition
The art of document running. This is a gift to which few are given and should be used wisely.
Holy shit, WarRi0R just scusi'ed 4 axis enemies on axis complex!
by Warzone November 28, 2004
the practice of professional objective capping, where one rolls or sneaks by the other team and scores ftw.
One's teammate is killed with the objective, and the scusier kills the killer of his teammate, takes the objective and scores.
Conscious* jsut scusied fu|sonic in the TWL OSP Season 9 Finals on Tundra Rush Beta to win the round for Tribal Valor.
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