1. Irish equvilent to chavs (i.e. poor and completely oblivious to that fact that no-one likes them)

Mode of transport: "pimped" Glanza's with plastic spinners
and have windows rolled down blasting dance music "re-mixed" (aka molested) to the point that it's just white noise)

Appearance: Short greasy hair (Shaved head optional)
fringe spiked with cheap hair gel.
Nylon Nike tracksuits. Female. White and pink or purple
Male. White and Navy

Cubs tend to find enjoyment from stolen PS3's or breaking glass.

2. Natural Enemy of Emo's, Metalers etc.
(Similar relationship to that of the Snake and Mongoose)
Scumbag: check i' ow'! new spoilars!

Me: Shut the Fuck Up you Dirty Scumbag
by Will426 July 27, 2007
Top Definition
A person of poor judgement and no class.
You scumbag motherfucking asshole shit for brains you should be shot.
by BobL October 01, 2003
A used condom.
Is an example needed?
by My dixie wrecked November 25, 2003
A person with no sense of propriety, decency or discretion.
He told her to blow him or else? What a scumbag!
by Jeff O. January 18, 2003
A low-life human being who is as worthless as a used rubber.
Willie is a fucking scum bag.
by tom h April 08, 2003
Asshole, low-down dirty bastard.

(see Bill O'Reilly)
1. That dude is a scumbag
by Carl Johnson November 22, 2004
1. One who steals from others, even close friends
2. One who rats out others, even close friends, for small personal gain
3. One who cheats, bribes, lies, and steals for personal gain
4. One who offers others prizes to risk their own lives in the process by eating a cheetos bag
5. One who threatens others with hired thugs because he isnt man enough to do it himself
You should never be friends with a scumbag
by His loyal jester September 30, 2006
A reprehensible person with no morals and holds no regard for anyone but him/herself.
A prime example is the English footballer John Terry a truly disgusting human being a total scumbag.
by sillybeggar November 19, 2012

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