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a smidgen, a trace amount.
(Measurement used in recipes.)
Add a scudge of sour cream to your macaroni and cheese to give it a zing!
by Unwyred March 04, 2005
a grinddier way of saying "smudge" or
scratch + smudge = scudge
That blockhead scudged my shoe!
by Denn-Denn September 29, 2006
A contraction on scum and sludge. The dried food or drink that accumulates in the bottom of a bowl or cup. This is usually noticed when someone is doing dishes. In order to clean one must scrub vigorously in order to remove.
Chris: "John did you forget to rinse out your cup?"

John: "I'm not sure why?"

Chris: "There is some dried milk scudge in the bottom of this cup."
by cjbryant21 March 02, 2010
Gross stuff. Similar to guff, but more icky and gooey.
Ewww... you've got some scudge on your shoe. Don't walk on the carpet with that on!
by Drew_0123 June 08, 2006